Saturday, January 17, 2009

E. Bollywood Stories!!!! Exclusive

E. Bollywood Stories!!!! Exclusive

Breaking report. Just discovered by our crack staff, Bay area rapper Tyson, also known as Brother TY, also known as smooth brother #4 was the third member of the notorious group known as the M-Team. These two chunky revolutionaries have a deep dark secret they have been hiding. Discrimination!!!! Brother Ty was a devoted MC in the group, to insiders he was considered to be the backbone. So what led to his untimely departure? Weight loss!!! When the two brothers realized their partner in rhyme was losing weight they ultimately voted him out of the group. "It was a betrayal that was unforgivable" said one of the members in a distraught telephone conversation. Stay tuned for further details


brother ty said...

H-Town sistas held it down. That's what's up. I know y'all did your thing. I'm on a plane in a few hours out to B-More, getting ready for the inauguration. I'll be in PA for a quick min. on monday.

I'll catch up with y'all later on.

salaam and love


Remarkable Current said...

revert that cat homie, where in PA? we got you if you need anything.