Friday, January 16, 2009

Why Tyson would never understand M-Team life


Remarkable Current said...

I love y'all, but y'all hecka wrong. I did have a stable upbringing, moms and pops did their thing. But no timeouts. Black folks don't do that. It was the belt or the switch. That belt was not a good look for me, so I was like maybe if I do good, I won't get whooped. And my whole life changed after that. I think I got my last whooping when I was 10. Ask my momma


Remarkable Current said...

What, I just got whooped by my mom last week for changing her spanish soap opera "tres mujeres y medio hombre" and it was my tv in my own house!!! you know we love you ahki, forgive us for our past ignorance and future ignorances (which there will be plenty more of.

your bro,