Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Welcome Earthlings and all others hailing from foreign hemispheres. I'm your host Doc Zhivago aka Doc Zhiblogo. Just got back home from recording the new album "eARTh". everything Always Returns To him!!! Word. Just recorded about 18 songs in a matter of 3 days. Throw in a Video shoot, photo shoot (which I froze my tookus off on the brooklyn bridge, if you don't know what a tookus is then stay tuned for anatomy 101 coming soon) and catching a historic show at the World Famous APOLLO theater. Where even Mos Def was in awe saying "man I'm standing on the stage where James Brown stood". I'd say it was a productive 3 days. I also engaged in a love affair with a massage chair named Celia.
The Album is sounding pretty dope right now. I got my brother in arms and literally my brother Ensabah Nur on it, Amir Suliman and Liza Garza were kind enough to lend their artistic genius on it, my main man 50 grand Brother T to the Y tyson smashed it and one of Remarkable Currents Secret Weapons Baraka Blue was kind enough to lay some Baraka down on the album. Also got to give a shout out to my Foster Mom Jeni Fujita (if you don't know you better ask) for laying down angelic vocals and letting us crash in Fujita Studios with one of the coolest cats I've ever got a chance to kick it with Chase Freeman.
We got Production from Anas Canon and another Secret Weapon added to the Remarkable Current Clip Kornell Fresh and Yes the name is well deserved.
That's it for now.
Stay tuned
eARTh is on it's way

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