Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Immigration Education Program

chiming in with a serious issue that is facing our country right now, that's right immigration. I got love for our immigrant brothers and sisters. This country is based on the immigrants with our immigrant forefather Chirstopher Columbus leading the way, Immigrants have had a major impact on the shaping of this country. This is where my concern begins. I had the pleasure of visiting a certain city which should remain nameless for protection of the innocent, people have been raven about this city for a while, with it's beautiful orioles and claim it is a great land to get mary'd in (if you don't know where I'm talking about, you should try reading kermit the frog blog). I was brought to a fast food place by a close brother. I was told the hamburgers were bomb. I haven't had a burger in years so I start to get very excited (I know it's sad when burgers are the highlight of your day). So I order me the biggest burger they got, I want onions on that joint, lettuce tomatoes, the works. A few minutes later the brother comes out with my food. I get in the car happily anticipating my date with this lucious piece of fried cow. 10 minutes later I give in, I can't wait any longer, I'm going to devour this burger right in my homies car, it's bout to get ugly, there will be ketchup spilled, onions dropped, grease stains on my clothes, it's on for real. I open the carton and what do I find, a hamburger on some freaking pita bread, that's right some freaking pita bread.
I look at the brother driving and as politely as any man can ask "yo, what the hell is this?" he says "what it's a burger?" a polite "no the hell it aint!!" was my response. I went from puzzled to furious all in the matter of seconds. The brother responds "yo, they immigrants ahk, just chill", that's when I decided to take action, seeing my brother from another mother accepting this culinary injustice was more than I could stand.
Some might think I'm making a mountain out of a mole hill, but think about it, what if you went to a mexican restaurant and ordered an ice cream and they gave it to you on a taco shell? What if you went to a kosher deli and ordered a hot dog and they gave it to you in a fajita wrap? It's just wrong, people should be educated about the culinary customs of it's patrons. Now check this scenario if you still think I'm tripping.
A puerto rican drives by a restaurant opened by an italian man, he sees a sign outside advertising "spanish rice and beans", the young boricua flips his wig, he hasn't ate a good plate of rice and beans since he was released from the juvie home in old san juan. He calls up two of his homies, yusef and Elias. They get all hyped up to get some rice and beans. They show up in the restaurant and order three big plates of Rice and beans, the poor italian man shows up with three plates of rice pilaf and green beans. Now technically it is rice and beans but when he gets a look at the face of the three starving latinos he starts to panic. Yusef grabs the plate and politely says "yo, what the hell is this?" then chaos insues, chairs are thrown through windows, tires are slashed, cops are called and latinos get sent back to jail. Not pretty, not pretty at all. It's do the right thing all over again. So please educate these store owners, you'll be doing your community a service


Izache At Yonkers said...

That was adorable, lol! You make me want a burger now. That was hilarious, but nevertheless you're absolutely right!

Anonymous said...

Akhi, if you are serious, Allah ihdeek (may Allah give you guidance). There are bigger fish to fry than someone's interpretation of how a hamburger should look. Wake up! It is called diversity. I ate hamburgers all my life on pita. Who has the right to tell me that is wrong? The Prophet (peace be upon him) never complained about food, and you just turned it into a social dilemma! Chill and make some dua!

kfdkjsghbhadsgkmjbkj said...

hey i watcheed ur movie!
dont u think music is haram tho?>?