Friday, February 13, 2009

Human Torch Video

Peace, to all my family
The Human Torch Video is just about done, It was a very interesting process. First I'd like to thank everyone who helped out David, Chris for shooting and the sound. Bukahari for bringin his Daughter through to Hold his Rotweilers on steroids (the dogs were on steroids not his daughter0. Khalifah and Rashida, the shadow lounge, The nothing but Juice crew for the rides, Hamza and BLM who made their Directing Debuts (it was like watching Scorcesee and Spielberg at work, If Scorcesee and Spielberg argued all the time and confused the actors alot). The women on the Motorcycles (who could not be shown for the fact that we didn't want a fatwah passed on the haramness of M-Team). All the People of Pittsburgh who showed us Mad love when we were dressed as homeless people (Hamza's shirt smelled like he hadn't showered in months).
Why were we dressed as homeless people you might ask? Besides the fact that it was hilarious and allowed BLM to live out some sick fanatsy of his, the deeper meaning was to show the contrast between the state of the soul and the outer appearance of a person. You can look fly on the outside but inside be the ugliest person in the world. It goes along with the concept of the song, "she needs a rescue, she looks so fly" on the outside she's fly but the inside needs to be rescued cuz it's "up in flames" IF your buying it, then I'm selling it.

For the video itself, I would like to get your feedback. We decided to go with a remix beat that some thought would be more accessible to a larger audience. I'm fonder of the original beat. Once you check the video, Let us know what you which you like better the album version or video.

your brother


Anonymous said...

Salaams, Shukron for the shout-out it was a long day but lots of fun, can't wait to see the finished product

Anonymous said...

I'm fonder of the original beat as well.